Photo of Amelia Miazad

Amelia Miazad is the Founding Director and Senior Research Fellow at the Business in Society Institute at Berkeley Law School. Amelia teaches several courses at the intersection of stakeholder capitalism and corporate governance. In addition to her in-residence teaching at Berkeley Law, Amelia has designed and teaches several executive education courses for C-Suite executives and board members around the world.

Amelia’s recent publications explore stakeholder governance and ESG as a process for overseeing risk and a powerful tool for transforming corporate culture. Amelia’s curriculum and scholarship rely heavily on input from experts who are implementing environmental and social considerations into their business and investment practices. She regularly presents to audiences of corporate executives in the U.S., South America and Europe.

2020 ESG Trends: In a year overshadowed by the Covid-19 global pandemic, many questioned whether the momentum ESG experienced leading up to the crisis was sustainable, or if companies would decide to focus on other priorities. That concern was laid to rest when the pandemic was followed rapidly by protests focused on racial and social injustice and other unrest, and ESG initiatives continued to be prominent in both the public and private sectors. ESG has proven to have genuine staying power with an array of very influential stakeholders, including governments, investors, employees, activists, NGOs and related constituencies taking up the mantle. We examine some of the key trends in ESG investments, reporting standards and regulatory regimes during 2020:
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